Hot dogs could almost be seen as the meat canvas of the handheld food world. From the simple ballpark dog with mustard and relish to the complex Chicago-style, most everyone seems to love a hot dog every now and then. When you are looking to indulge, here are a few of our favorites. – Ted Scheid

Brauhaus Schmitz. (credit:

Brauhaus Schmitz

718 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(267) 909-8814

Technically, Brauhaus Schmitz specializes in the best of the ‘wurst.’ The selection of meat in tube form is extensive, but fortunately, there is no wrong choice. Paired with a hot soft pretzel and a liter of fine German ale, you’ll be wondering why they don’t call it Brat-best.

Hot Diggity

630 South St
Philadelphia, Pa.
(267) 886-9253

Stop by this tiny South Street gem for what’s sure to be the most unique dog you’ve ever downed. Creations include veggie dogs, Banh Mi dogs, hot dogs topped with Thanksgiving faves and more classic (but equally delicious!) options like the old-fashioned chili cheese dog. If there’s such a thing as a gourmet hot dog, this is it. Because where else in Philadelphia can you get hot dog specials like an Alaskan reindeer meat hot dog topped with buttered rum pears? Answer: Nowhere. And until that changes, we’ll keep coming back for more.

The Dapper Dog website. (credit:

Dapper Dog

2nd & Poplar
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(203) 887-8813

When it comes to hot dogs, it seems the best always come from a cart. Encased in a glorious roll from Sarcone’s, these are not your ordinary hot dogs. Sure, they have a chili dog, but why not try the “Moe Green” with asparagus, provolone and Parmesan? Rumor has it you can get anything you want on a sandwich roll, so watch out for those late-night, alcohol-induced concoctions!


132 S 17th St
Philadelphia, Pa.
(215) 665-8080

Everyone loves an underdog, but nowhere is that more true than in Philadelphia. And when it comes to Underdogs, that statement can also be taken literally. At this Rittenhouse area hot dog joint, you’ll find 100% beef franks with clever monikers like the Georgia Bulldog (pepper hash and Georgia Mustard BBQ sauce), the Adonis (lamb sausage with tzatziki) and the Marrakesh (spicy merguez lamb sausage with harissa mayo and Mediterranean salad). Bonus: They’re open til 4 a.m. on weekends, meaning you can have that chorizo Chihuahua dog whenever a craving strikes.

Moe’s Hot Dog House website. (credit:

Moe’s Hot Dog House

2601 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 465-6637

Hot dogs are not a complicated equation, which makes it a shame that so many people get it wrong. But they must be mathematicians at Moe’s, because they know their dogs. You can get yours fried, Chicago style or topped with mac and cheese, and with an inexpensive price tag, you may want to try one of each.

Texas Wieners cooking on the grill. (credit:

Texas Wieners

1426 Snyder Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19145
(215) 465-8635

After over 80 years in business, you better believe they know how to make a hot dog at Texas Wieners. Topped with their signature “secret sauce,” it’s no wonder hundreds of these dogs are sold every day. Try out the Texan, which is topped with hash browns, onions, peppers, mustard and ketchup.