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Photo Credit: 2nd Story Brewing Co.

Photo Credit: 2nd Story Brewing Co.

2nd Story Brewing Co.
117 Chestnut St.,
Philadelphia, PA
(267) 314-5770

So, last week, after months of extra evening light, daylight savings time ended; we all had to fall back once again (personally, it was more of a stumble back); and now, even though your house clocks may be correct, you’re internal clock is completely effed. Well, it’s time to cheer up my dreary dudes and start looking at the bright side of DLST. Because as Kenny Chesney and Uncle Cracker so eloquently put it, “everything gets hotter when the sun goes down”. And when you head over to the new 2nd Story Brewing Company you will see just how hot it can get.

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Flush with oak floors, exposed brick walls and a working fire place, this brewery is the perfect spot to warm up and celebrate the early onset of evening. It was recently opened by native Dublinar Ken Merriman (previously GM and partner at Tir na Nog), Debra Grady and head brewer, John Wible. And man did they develop the perfect equation— combining great atmosphere, amazing drink and delicious food — to recalibrate your system.

With a passion for beer, this trio serves up a variety of deliciously unique brews including about 8-10 made in house, six outside beers including Guinness, and a test line made in 10 gallon batches. So, with all this great brew (and a full bar), who cares what the temperature is outside, your internal thermometer will always be toasty.

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Grady, who owns the Tilted Barn Farm in Pottstown, not only supplies many of the mixings for the brews, but also helps the brewery keep up with today’s trends as a delicious farm-to-table restaurant. She provides many of the ingredients for their small plates like the sliders with tomato jam and manchego cheese, and the black bean egg rolls. For those who prefer to put on an extra layer of warmth before hibernating you’ll definitely need to try the Big and Boozy Adult Sunday- consisting of stout ice cream, chocolate syrup, salted caramel, malt pretzel-peanut crumble and honey whipped cream.

So, head over to 2nd Story Brewing Co. to discover the one thing that is better when premature… still talking nightfall.

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for Philadelphia.