Sometimes you find yourself singing a song simply because it seems to radiate from every car, iPod and radio station you stumble upon. With Philadelphia’s eclectic musical taste, you could spend a day just listening on the city streets to update your musical library. These hot bands put great tunes on your radar this year, promising to set up residence in your head and keep your toes tapping well into 2013.
Of Monsters and Men
www.ofmonstersandmen.isYou can’t help but love, love, love this six-piece indie rock band, originally from Iceland. It won a battle of the bands in 2010, and the rest is history. Playing at the Piazza at Schmidt’s this summer, the band heated things up through the raindrops that threatened the outdoor concert stage. Playing loops of hits through the airwaves such as, “Love love love,” “Little talks” and “Dirty Paws,” Of Monsters and Men earns only praise from Philly music lovers. With co-singer/guitarist Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir’s voice running chills down your spine, it’s kind of hard to forget Of Monsters and Men’s influence on the Philly music scene.

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Foster the People
www.fosterthepeople.comYou can take any song — no matter how morbid — add some catchy beats, and viola: a top hit band like Foster the People emerges. In 2012, it tore up yoga studios and stages alike with the hit single, “Pumped up Kicks.” [Since the ditty is talking about outrunning bullets, it almost seemed a play on the unfortunate moniker “Killadelphia.”] And the sheer awkwardness of the band clad in skinny jeans makes Foster the People look just like downtown Philly’s hipsters on any given night.

www.lmfaomusic.comThe self-proclaimed duo promises to rock the party, and it leads by example with the smash hit “Sexy and I Know It.” The parody doesn’;t stop there. Even if you hate when this song gets stuck in your head, you can’t deny it’s pretty catchy and thus very, very popular. These guys are definitely here to stay, so don’t count on them shufflin’ off stage any time soon.

www.santigold.comStarting out in the Germantown section of Philadelphia while in high school, Santigold has come a long way since then. One of the top break out acts at Jay-Z’s Made in America festival in 2012, Santigold’s witty and rather strange performances drew crowds and gained her a legion of new fans. Her pop sound comes across as fresh from the ’80s, and you may even end up doing the robot a few times. This year, all of her albums, and especially “Santogold,” tore up the local airwaves. This Philly girl is bringing new wave back in style with urban twinkle and sparkle.

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The Tough Shits
www.facebook.comThis band is so hardcore, it doesn’t even have an official website. As you can imagine, with a name like that, music lovers can really relate to The Tough Shits. Playing all of the local venues and poking fun at taboo subjects is its forte. Making fun of suicide, cocaine, whiskey and the occult in its song lyrics is just part of a good day’s pay for this foursome. It’s kind of hard not to love a good, ironic heavy metal band…well, if you don’t, it’s The Tough Shits.

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