Philadelphia Weather: Taste Of Spring As Temperatures Near 70 Across Delaware ValleyWe could be seeing our first 70 degree day of the year Monday afternoon.
Philadelphia Weather: Potential Severe Storms To Hit Delaware Valley, Isolated Risk For Tornadoes, Small HailThe same storm that brought deadly severe weather to parts of Tennessee will continue its track over the Northeast tonight.
Philadelphia Weather: Wintry Weekend Before A Workweek WarmupWhile we tend to think of March as the beginning of the end of the Winter Season, we still need to remember that winter does officially continue for another 19 days.
Philadelphia Weather: Cold Front To Bring Gusty Winds, Chance Of Wintertime ThunderstormExpect rain to really pick up as we move through the evening and especially in the thick of the overnight hours.
Philadelphia Weather: What Happened To The Snow This Winter?It was only a decade ago, in 2009-2010, that Philadelphia suffered through its snowiest winter of all time with 78.7 inches falling.
How Mild Winter Weather Is Helping Delaware Valley Road Crews, Local Governments To Save MoneyWinter and road maintenance don't always get along, but this year, things are a little different.
Philadelphia Weather: Mother Nature Fools Many With Misleading Sunshine On One Of Coldest Days Of SeasonThe sun might have been out in Center City, but the high winds and chilly temperatures took a bite out of some spirits.
Philadelphia Weather: Quick Blast Of Arctic Air Just In Time For Valentine's DayIf you're planning to head out for Valentine's Day, make sure to bundle up.
'Pretty Shaken Up': Man Inside As Large Tree Crashes Into Delaware Home During Severe StormsIn Newark, Delaware, a homeowner was inside when a tree came crashing down on the roof and side of the house.
WATCH: High Winds Blow Roof Off Lancaster County High SchoolVideo shows winds blowing a roof off of Warwick High School in Lititz on Friday.
Large Tree Toppled Over During Powerful Storms Crushes Teachers' Cars At Delaware County SchoolIt happened on Woodland Avenue, behind Academy Park High School.
Philadelphia Weather: Powerful Storms Leave Behind Damage, Thousands Of Power Outages Across Delaware ValleyPowerful storms on Friday morning left behind damage and thousands of power outages across the Delaware Valley.
Fog To Give Way To Blast Of Strong Winds In New JerseyNew Jersey's taste of spring-like weather returned to winter conditions Friday as powerful winds were expected to roar across parts of the state, the National Weather Service said.
Philadelphia Weather: Rainy Pattern, Flooding Potential To End WeekRain will pick up in intensity and as the afternoon progresses, the heaviest of the rain will fall after 2 p.m. Thursday.
'You'd Be Better Off With A Small Boat': Heavy Rain Caused Headaches On Roadways Throughout Delaware ValleyHeavy morning rains caused problems on the roadways throughout the Delaware Valley on Saturday.