Chef Walter's Super Spinach Salad
Deborah Heart & Lung Center
Top Restaurants In Philadelphia Open For ThanksgivingNot everyone's vision of a perfect Thanksgiving is Norman Rockwell-esque; some people prefer to have others do the cooking and cleaning up for them so they can relax and enjoy their family (or their solitude). These are the top restaurants in Philly serving up delicious dishes for Thanksgiving this year.
Top Cookbooks Pertaining To PhiladelphiaOver the past 30-some years, Philly has opened some amazing restaurants. Pick up one of these Philadelphia cookbooks to learn a few of your favorite recipes!
Heart Healthy MinestroneYou might have some vegetables left over from your garden that you didn't get to cook last season. Well, Chef Walter Staib shows you how to make a heart healthy soup with some of those unused veggies.
Halloween Treats For AdultsAre you hosting a 'spooktacular' event and need some ideas for your Halloween party? Chef Walter Staib has a few ideas for you.
National Park Service Puts City Tavern Lease Up For BidsThe landmark City Tavern Concession contract will be expiring soon and as KYW's Michelle Durham reports, the property is owned by the National Park Service and officials there have opened the bidding process on a 10 year lease on the property.
Philly Chef Talks About Cooking In The 18th CenturyChef Walter Stab of City Tavern restaurant says people in the 18th century cooked very differently than the way we cook today.
Dietz & Watson Gourmet Lite Turkey Stir Fry
Gourmet Lite Ham & Pineapple Sauerkraut Recipe
Top Celebrity Chef Restaurants In PhiladelphiaIn the last decade or so, chefs have been elevated to superstar status--right up there with our favorite Phillies and Eagles. Here's a list of chef's restaurants to try in the city.