Video Grabber AppThe Video Grabber app lets you save copies of videos you watch in your browser to your phone's memory.
Dubsmash AppThe Dubsmash app lets you record a video of yourself synced to a well-known sound clip - like from a film.
Replay AppThe Replay app removes some of the pain of making your phone's home movies look better.
Cinamatic AppYou can put filters on pretty much any photo, but the choices are a lot smaller when it comes to video. Cinamatic can help
Hyperlapse AppTime lapse videos have typically been a stumbling block for mobile devices. Hyperlapse - from Instagram - knocks down that wall.
Philadelphia Crafts Digital Response To Lack Of Counselors In City SchoolsWith a lack of high school guidance counselors, the city is posting online videos to help adults help students apply to college.
Ice Bucket Challenge Donations Reach $22.9 Million To ALS AssociationThe viral ice bucket challenge that's all over your Facebook feed has lead to record donations for the ALS Association.
5by App5by is an app that presents itself as a video concierge, surfIng the best videos for you as determined by your mood and the time of day.
Spark Camera AppSpark Camera lets you string mini-movies together for up to 30 seconds, which you can then share on your social network of choice.
Snap Save AppThe SnapSave app lets you save SnapChat sessions without notifying the other party.
VLC AppThe VLC app not only lets you watch videos, but you can adjust playback speed and tinker with several viewing options.