USDA Report: Americans Are Eating HealthierAccording to the report, “Changes in Eating Patterns and Diet Quality Among Working-Age Adults, 2005-2010,” more adults are checking out the Nutrition Facts Panel on most food packages.
Customs And Border Protection In Philly Intercepts Destructive Citrus Black Spot DiseaseThe U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed that black lesions U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s intercepted on an orange at Philadelphia International Airport was the highly destructive Citrus Black Spot disease.
Report: Raising A Child Will Cost You More Than $245,000Parents say raising a child enriches your life…and empties your bank account.
Pa. Will Allow Some Junk Food at School Bake Sales, Not So NJ or Del.A new federal law allows individual states to set their own number of fundraiser exemptions for junk food sold in schools. Pennsylvania and a handful of other states have done so.
Health: Pesticides & Produce, Environmental Group Releases New Guide A watchdog group released its annual report aimed at helping consumers make better choices in the grocery aisle.
Kraft Recalls Nearly 100,000 Pounds Of Hot DogsThe recall was announced on Easter and affects Oscar Meyer Classic Wieners.
Beef Prices At 27-Year High in U.S. The trip to the grocery store has gotten a lot more expensive, especially when you head down the meat aisle.
The Economic Effect On DietCould the recent economic downturn improve our health? Certainly not from a standpoint of stress, but it did cause Americans to eat less overall, at least according to the USDA.