UPenn Scrubs Wynn Name, Rescind His And Cosby's DegreesThe University of Pennsylvania announced Thursday that it will remove casino mogul Steve Wynn's name from a campus plaza and revoke honorary degrees given to him and comedian Bill Cosby in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against both men.
Experts Warn About Environmental Impact Of Road SaltThe drip-drop of the melting snow is music to many Philadelphians' ears unless you’re associate professor Alain Plante.
Joe Biden Accidentally Confirms His Spot At UPenn Post-White HouseThe Vice President has yet to make an official announcement.
UPenn Students Say Sexually Suggestive Email Highlights 'Rape Culture'Penn students are coming together after an email sent out by an off-campus fraternity.
DA: UPenn Student Charged With Arson In Frat House FireThe fire was quickly contained and no one was injured.
Technology Is Vital Part Of Teaching And Learning For Philadelphia Counselor" As word processors and the internet became essential to the world, it also became a vital part of teaching and learning," says Linda Leibowitz.
Princeton Edged Out Penn 78-74 In Ivy League TiltPenn fell to 3-8 on the season following their loss to Princeton.
Penn Students Party Hard -- At Least According To PlayboyIt’s the first time an Ivy League school has ever made the magazine's list, let alone snagged the top spot.
College Football Preview: Penn QuakersWhile every other college football team in the area is getting ready for its second or third game of the 2014 season, the Penn Quakers are still in preseason mode.
University Of Pennsylvania Named Best College NationwideIf you are looking for the best college education for your child, it turns out you don't have to go far.
Getting Into The Ivies Is Harder Than It Used To Beigh school juniors and seniors are finding that getting into the Ivies, selective colleges, is harder than it used to be. Here's why.