Zeoli Show Log 09.23.16Rich discussed Ted Cruz endorsing Donald Trump, the television show Designated Survivor and Colin Kaepernick making the cover of Time Magazine. Rich also discussed a professional baseball player being criticized for his tweets, Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of not caring about problems in the inner city and more. Rich spoke with Baylen Lineken at 4:35pm and Sen. Mike Lee at 5:30pm.
Zeoli Show Log 02.03.16Rich discussed conspiracies surrounding the Iowa caucus, Marco Rubio admired by mainstream Republicans and Ted Cruz apologizing to Ben Carson. He discussed President Obama's call for more Muslim television shows, Rand Paul suspending his campaign and more.
David Letterman Doesn't Think He'll Revisit The Ed Sullivan Theater After Final ShowHe also discusses his longtime desk and what he'll be doing in five years.
Mt. Laurel Native Gets Naked And (A Little) Afraid On Television If the idea of being dropped in the jungle –- naked -- with a complete stranger is the stuff of your nightmares, you’re not Dani Beauchemin.
Is 'Broad City' the 'I Love Lucy' for Millennials?Lucy and Ethel revolutionized friendship for a whole group of women on the verge of a societal change, and now Abbi and Ilana are doing the same thing on their Comedy Central show 'Broad City.'
Could You Soon Choose Apple As Your TV Provider?KYW tech editor Ian Bush reports it's the latest planned offering for cable cord-cutters.
'Binge-watching' TV Shows Could Be A Sign Of Mental IllnessIf you’ve ever wondered whether those Sundays you spent binge-watching Downton Abbey or Homeland are a sign of something more serious, stop and take a breath: They might be.
Ukee Washington To Guest Co-Host “The Talk,” October 22
Video: E:60 Features LeSean McCoy TonightA TV special on LeSean McCoy will air on Tuesday night. Watch the preview here.
Viggle AppViggle rewards people for watching TV and checking in via the app.
Too Much Time Spent In Front Of The MonitorThe study of so-called time-in-front-of-the-monitor needs to be expanded from TV and video games to hand held devices and the wide array of tools that are out there.