Vote Expected Later This Month On Pennsylvania Transportation Funding BillDespite his opposition to it, the majority leader says he still expects the Pennsylvania House to vote later this month on legislation to raise new funds for roads, bridges and mass transit. Meanwhile, a vote has been delayed at the request of the governor.
Transportation Advocates: We Can Win Pennsylvania House VoteAdvocates for new state transportation funding are expressing confidence that a proposal passed by the state senate to raise $2.5-billion a year can win approval in the house this fall.
Study: Only One Third Of Workers In Center City Drive To JobNearly 40 percent of the downtown workforce lives outside the city and they, too, are abandoning cars.
Pa. Republicans May Give Corbett Little of What He Wants For Transportation Funding It appears that the majority Republicans in the Pennsylvania are poised to gut a transportation funding bill passed by the state senate earlier this year.
Corbett Reportedly Supports Beefed Up Transportation Funding BillThe secretary of PennDOT says Governor Corbett would be willing to support a Senate transportation funding proposal that goes well beyond what he’s proposed.
Corbett Expects Compromise On Transportation Funding BillGovernor Corbett in February proposed raising about $1.8 billion a year for roads, bridges and mass transit primarily by lifting the cap on gasoline taxes at the wholesale level.
Report: Pennsylvania's Transportation Infrastructure Is Seriously UnderfundedThe cost fixing Pennsylvania's transportation network is high but the cost of not doing it is higher, so says a new report.
Pa. Turnpike To Tap Federal Green-Cards-For-Investors Funding ProgramA Turnpike Commission spokesman says the turnpike plans to borrow $200 million and is expected to save $35 million, also says the plan has been thoroughly vetted.
Three Key Priorities For PA Legislative Democrats In New SessionMinority Democrats in the Pennsylvania legislature say job creation, education and transportation funding will be their top priorities in the new session that begins in January.
Corbett Plans To Unveil School Voucher Proposal Soon, Transportation WaitsGovernor Corbett says he will soon have something to say on the subject of school voucher legislation, but he’s giving more indications transportation funding may not be addressed this fall as was expected.
Governor Corbett Cites School Vouchers As Priority For Fall Legislative SessionGovernor Corbett says his top priority is school vouchers, but he also wants to address transportation funding, liquor privatization, and natural gas drilling.