Man Receives Prison Sentence For Role In Shootout Outside Daycare In South PhillyA man on the street was wounded, but fortunately no children were hurt.
Trial Continues For Montco Woman Charged With Performing Deadly, and Near Deadly, Cosmetic ProceduresThe defendant, Padge Victoria Windslowe, is on trial for aggravated assault against one woman who had to be hospitalized for months, and for third-degree murder in the death of another woman.
Trial Opens For Narberth Woman Charged In 2011 Buttocks-Enhancement DeathThe prosecution says one woman who traveled from London to Philadelphia died after receiving the treatment when the silicone got into her lungs and brain and killed her.
Key Witness Not Cooperating As 'Black Madam' Murder Trial BeginsA key witness in the murder trial of the “Black Madam” has gone south on the prosecution, and she won’t testify at trial, which is scheduled to start this morning.
Melée in Philadelphia Courtroom After Conviction in Headset Robbery-MurderArkel Garcia was convicted of second-degree murder in the death of Christian Massey, during a robbery, for a pair of "Beats by Dr. Dre" headphones.
Philadelphia Jury Weighs 2013 'Killed-For-His-Headphones' Murder CaseArkel Garcia is accused of killing 21-year-old Christian Massey to get his "Beats by Dr. Dre" headset.
Philadelphia Artist Convicted In Second Explosives CaseA 55-year-old Germantown artist, who blew off part of his right drawing hand playing with a homemade explosive device, has been convicted of possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Prosecution Details Philadelphia Artist's Familiarity With Firecrackers as It Presses WMD CaseLast May, the prosecutio says, Douglas Ferrin was making bombs at his house. The defense describes them as homemade firecrackers. Ferrin has been charged with possessing weapons of mass destruction.
At Weapons Trial of Philadelphia Artist, Investigator Describes Encounter With Bomb MaterialsDetective Timothy Brooks, an explosives expert, decribed the bloody scene near where a device exploded in the hand of defendant Douglas Ferrin.
Corrupt Philadelphia Cop Gets Long Prison Sentence For Ripping Off Drug DealersUS District Court judge Legrome Davis Jr. told defendant Jonathan Garcia that he had done "more harm than I can fathom."
Sixth Defendant Pleads Guilty In Nifty Fifty's Tax Evasion ConspiracyFormer accountant William Frio has admitted to a scheme that began in 1986, lasted 24 years, involved owners, managers and others.
Philadelphia Ironworkers' Union Boss Guilty on All Counts in Racketeering TrialAfter five days of deliberations, a federal jury in Philadelphia has found former Philadelphia ironworkers' union head Joseph Dougherty guilty of corruption and related offenses.
No Verdict Yet as Federal Jury Weighs Corruption Case of Phila. Ironworkers' BossAfter an apparently rough four days of deliberations, the jury in the federal trial of ironworkers' union Local 401 boss Joseph Dougherty is in recess until Tuesday.
Judge Tells Jurors in Racketeering Trial of Ironworkers' Boss, "You Must Deliberate''The flurry of activity at the US District Courthouse began when the jury foreman sent a note to Judge Michael Baylson.
Federal Racketeering Case Against Ironworkers' Boss Heads to JuryDefense attorney Fortunato Perri Jr. has downplayed alleged threats by Joseph Dougherty, secretly recorded, as mere "testosterone talk."