COVID In Pennsylvania: Gov. Wolf Paints Dire Picture Of Health Care System On Brink As Additional Measures Being ConsideredThe number of COVID-19 cases in the commonwealth are on a steep climb and now jeopardizing hospitals.
COVID In Philadelphia: Health Commissioner Concerned Hospitals May Come Under Strain In Next Few WeeksThe City of Philadelphia is seeing rising cases of COVID-19 everyday and Tuesday's latest numbers are no exception.
Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf Vetoes GOP-Backed Bill On Limiting COVID-19 LiabilityWolf’s veto message argued that with the pandemic spreading, it is not a good idea to be providing legal protections “for noncompliance or carelessness.”
'Very Dangerous Situation': Pennsylvania Banning Alcohol Sales For On-Site Consumption At Bars, Restaurants On Thanksgiving Eve In Effort To Stop COVID SurgeA stay-at-home advisory is now in place in Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf Says He'll Do Everything To Ensure Every Vote Is Counted, Results Are AccurateHe maintained that he is committed to making sure the election result is accurate.
Gov. Wolf Strongly Encourages Pennsylvania Voters To Hand Deliver Mail Ballot To Give 'Peace Of Mind' Vote Will Be CountedTuesday is the last day to apply for a mail-in ballot for the 2020 presidential election.
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Announces Plan To Waive Liquor License Fees For Restaurants, BarsGov. Tom Wolf announced Thursday a new plan to provide support for the restaurant and bar industry.
'The Fall Resurgence Is Here': Pennsylvania Officials Issue Plea To Residents As Coronavirus Cases ClimbCOVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania continue to climb.
Pennsylvania GOP Lawmakers Appear Unwilling To Authorize Counties To Process Mail-in Ballots Before Election DayA spokesperson for the House Republican majority said in a statement that they have no plans to consider changes to election laws that will affect the Nov. 3 election.
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Urges Legislators To Legalize Adult-Use Of MarijuanaPennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is urging legislators to legalize the adult-use of marijuana.
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Seeks Commission To Rein In Health Care SpendingThe commission would have the power to monitor compliance and levy fines, officials said.