DRPA Says It Won't Use Temporary Revenues To Fund EZ Pass Commuter Discounts"If you want to do a programmatic discount, you would need programmatic revenue," says a DRPA spokesman, "and nobody has suggested where that programmatic revenue would come from."
Federal Grand Jury Issues Subpoena To Delaware River Port Authority "We are cooperating fully, and our employees have been instructed accordingly," says a DRPA spokesman.
Despite New Technology, 'Freedom' Cards Will Remain Patco-OnlyThe transit agency that runs the high-speed train line between Camden and Philadelphia is getting ready to update its “Freedom” card, the cashless method for paying fares.
DRPA Says Despite Reports, Bridge Tolls Aren't Going DownThe Delaware River Port Authority says suggestions that tolls might be lowered on some of its bridges just isn’t in the cards.
Patco To Make Permanent Its Rush Hour 'Quiet Cars' Patco's Tim Ireland says the riders have spoken, and the rail operator listened.
DRPA Begins Codifying Long List of Agency ReformsThe board of the Delaware River Port Authority has begun to make permanent many of the policy changes adopted by the agency recently.
DRPA Says It Is In Forward Gear With Agency ReformsThe Delaware River Port Authority says it is working to implement -- and set in stone -- many of the reforms approved by the agency almost two years ago.
DRPA Investigator Says Agency's Reforms Are Still IncompleteDRPA inspector general Thomas Raftery says that ethics policies are not uniform across the board, procedures for contracts and purchasing are confusing, and promised reforms have still not be implemented.