News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | May 18Chris discussed last night's presidential primaries in Kentucky and Oregon, Megyn Kelly's interview with Donald Trump, and the Sixers winning the NBA Draft Lottery. He spoke with the CEO and President of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, Stephen Klasko, about his new book, We Can Fix Healthcare at 7:20 and Victor Fiorillo from Philadelphia Magazine about the NTSB ruling on last year's Amtrak train derailment at 8:00.
Daylight Saving Time Can Make It Tough To SleepSunday marked the start of Daylight Saving Time. With it comes extended evening daylight. But there's a dark cloud over that daylight when it comes to adjusting our body's internal clock.
Inaugural 'Health Hackathon' Takes Place In Center CityAn innovative health forum Saturday allowed people from various fields to collaborate on new ideas.
SEPTA Sells Corporate Naming Rights At Market East StationMuch like the last stop on the Broad Street line at Pattison Avenue became AT&T station, corporate sponsorship will bring about a name change at the Authority's Market East Station.
Sidney Kimmel Donates His Name and $110 Million To Jefferson Medical College Jefferson Medical College has a new name -- thanks to a major gift from philanthropist Sidney Kimmel.
Penn Rehab Program Delivers Left Hook To Parkinson’sA new program at Pennsylvania Hospital's Parkinson's rehab center is looking to give those with the disease a chance to go all 12 rounds in a fight like no other.
FREE Eye Screening and Glasses For Kids Saturday 4/12 in Philly
Local Experts Weigh In On How To Lighten The Bill When Shopping For Kids With Food AllergiesParents of children with food allergies are often in a position of having to spend more money at the grocery store than those who don't.
265 Start in Jefferson Medical College's Class of 2017After reciting the Hippocratic oath, the first-year medical students slipped on their white physician's coats with the help of loved ones.
2013 Hay Fever Season Proves Nothing (Actually, Plenty!) To Sneeze AtThe spring allergy season, which had been forecast to be a bad one, is living up to its billing.
Wilmington Courthouse Shooter Had Brain TumorA former New Jersey police officer who killed his ex-daughter-in-law and another woman at a Delaware courthouse before fatally shooting himself was diagnosed more than 20 years ago with a brain tumor.