Cellphones Not The Only Cause Of Distracted DrivingWho knew putting on makeup while driving is illegal in New Jersey? And elsewhere. It is. And that's not all.
Police: Texting While Driving Citations In Philadelphia Down In 2014"There's no definitive answer as to why the numbers have dropped," Philadelphia Police Spokesperson John Stanford said.
New Numbers Show Which Philadelphia-Area Counties Have Most Texting While Driving ViolationsThe Center for Rural Pennsylvania found that drivers in Montgomery and Chester counties are more likely to get snagged for using their cell phones to text while driving.
AAA Study Finds Adults Are More Likely To Text While Driving Than TeensOMG! A survey conducted by Triple-A shows texting and driving by adults is a bigger problem than it is for teens.
OMG: Adults Far More Likely Than Teens To Use Phones, Text While Driving The report, done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, reveals that adult drivers are by far the likeliest age group to admit to using their phone while driving.
In Radnor, Students Get Sobering Reminders About Distracted DrivingStudents at Radnor High School returned from their Thanksgiving break to find a mangled vehicle outside the school’s main entrance.
College Students Admit To Digital DistractionsMost college students admit to texting and driving and many check their smartphones more than 10 times a day, while in class.
NJ Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Protect Text Sender From Crash LiabilityMonmouth County Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande is working to stop an appeals court ruling that could make people liable in court if they text someone they know is behind the wheel of a car.
NJ Court Rules on Liability When Sending Texts to Drivers"It’s a stern warning to those who know that the person they’re texting may be distracted from driving," notes Rick DeMichele, an attorney in Haddon Heights, NJ.
Canary App Alerts Parents Of Teens Who Text While DrivingTexting is high on the list of what you should not do while driving, but many drivers are still doing it. Now, there's an app for that.
AAA: Drivers In Philadelphia, Suburbs Worst ‘Texting While Driving’ OffendersTesting while driving is a primary offense in Pennsylvania, meaning police can pull you over just for texting. The fine is $50.