Teen Develops 'Wet Lung' After Vaping For 3 Weeks, Doctors SayA teen in Pennsylvania had to be placed on a breathing machine after doctors say she developed "wet lung" from vaping.
Police: Dad Poses As Teen Daughter, Catches Alleged Child PredatorTodd Thomas discovered that his 14-year-old child was secretly sexting with 42-year-old Hugo Rabson.
Teen Killed Seconds After Taking Off Seat Belt To Take A SelfieThe parents of a 16-year-old ejected from a car after she removed her seat belt to take a selfie are turning their grief into action.
Is Your Teen Taking Risks With Their Food Allergies?Teenagers are known to be risk-takers and in some cases they think they are immortal.
Teen Drug Use Is Down, Survey SaysToday's teens are less likely to be taking drugs than their predecessors, a survey says.
Zeoli Show Log 10.07.15Rich discussed Ben Carson's response to the Oregon shooting, Tom McGrath being called out by PABJ and a nurse reusing syringes. He also predicted that the Cubs will win The World Series (according to Back to the Future), democrats speaking out against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton's appearance on The Late Show and the new Pro-Joe Biden ad. Rich spoke with Robby Soave of Reason.com regarding a 12 year old boy suspended for staring at a girl at 3:30pm. He also spoke with Sophie Gilbert of The Atlantic regarding the shaming of Chrissie Hynde at 4pm.
Zeoli Show Log 08.10.15Rich discussed Roger Stone's removal, Erick Eriksons' RedState Gathering, and the latest details surrounding the Pope's visit. He also spoke with Dr. Henry Willis regarding the Pope's visit to Philly. Rich also discussed neighbors upset over BBQ fumes, Ben Carson's opinion about Trump, and teens working less summer jobs.
Report: Teen Use Of Morning After Pill IncreasingThe report says that the use of emergency contraception by female teenagers who have had sexual intercourse at least once has increased from 8 percent in 2002 to 22 percent in 2011 through 2013.
Parents Need Permission To Access College Students Medical RecordsUnder the law, parents of children over 18 don’t automatically have the right to review their medical records without a HIPAA release form.
Talk To Your Teen About DepressionTeens and depression - it is a relatively common phenomenon but it is an issue which few talk about - and the silence can be deadly.
Police Ask Parents To Help Enforce Philadelphia’s CurfewPhiladelphia Police are asking parents to help enforce the city’s curfew.