Fewer High School Students Aspire To Become TeachersYoung people's interest in the teaching profession continues to drop.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: What To Consider When Pursuing A Teaching CareerJill Schlesinger reports teaching requires dedication, patience and the ability to communicate with students, as well as parents and administrators.
Teacher Learns Tough Lesson About Disability LawA woman sued her employer, whom she said failed to accommodate her disability. What was her disability? She was a teacher afraid of children.
DC Teachers Visit Students' HomesTeachers in the DC district's new Family Engagement Partnership visit students' homes in an effort to improve engagement and raise achievement.
Teaching About Onlookers' Role In The HolocaustThe Holocaust Museum in Washington has organized a nontraditional exhibit for classroom instruction: the study of onlookers.
More Schools Moving To Longer School DaysThe National Center on Time and Learning, a group that promotes the extended school day, estimates that more than 1500 schools nationally now have additional hours.
When Students Are GrievingTeachers, who spend every day with children, often interact with grieving students. Now there are resources.
Most Teachers' Salaries Grow SlowlyA new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality looks at how teachers in the largest districts can maximize salaries. For most, it's slowly.
<em>The Teacher Wars</em> Among Year's Best BooksDana Goldstein writes in her new book that teachers are poorly trained to flatten social, racial and economic barriers and their pay is "pathetic".
A Teacher Evaluation System That WorksTeachers are applauding an evaluation system started by two 23-year-old grads from Yale.
Engineering A Love For Science In KidsKevin Jarrett isn’t your typical computer teacher. His students build walls from clay, sand and water. They design parachutes from coffee filters. And it’s perfectly fine if the things they build don’t work the first time.