Days Inn Offers $10,000 Summer Job Taking Pictures Around The U.S.A hotel chain is looking to pay one lucky traveler $10,000 to be their "sun-tern" for a month and take as many sun-drenched photos as they can.
Many Remain Down The Shore As Labor Day Weekend Comes To A CloseIn Ocean City, Monday temperatures reached 80 degrees with open skies and the sun beaming down.
Woman Raises Awareness On Diving Safety After Becoming A QuadriplegicTwenty-three-year-old Lauren Shevchek took a dive four years ago, into water she couldn't see through. Now, she's a quadriplegic.
Your Ultimate Guide To Summer
Philly Students Beat The Heat With Early DismissalMany students at Kensington high say they are happy the district let them out at noon because they don’t think they could have made it.
Philadelphians Won't Let Heat Stop Them From Enjoying FestivitiesPhiladelphians are not letting the high temps deter them from doing what needs to be done.
Slowing Down This Summer Could Be Better For Your HealthFor many of us this time of the year means graduation, wedding, and your kids are involved in all kinds of sports that require parents involvement.
As Grilling Season Heats Up, Fire Commissioner Thiel Says Safety First: 'This Can Be Serious Stuff'Thiel says every year they receive calls from people who have roasted their eye brows off after trying to light the grill with a match.
Experts Warn Of Tick-Borne Illnesses As Summer ApproachesAs the summer months approach, don't forget to take the necessary steps to prevent tick-borne illnesses.
Ending Summer Vacation In Philly Schools Before Labor Day? It May HappenThe Philadelphia School District is proposing an earlier start to its school year by beginning fall classes before Labor Day.
Zeoli Show Log 08.17.16Rich discussed Donald Trump's speech in relation to black voters, Chase Utley's grand slam and Hillary Clinton's speech in West Philly. He also discussed Kathleen Kane's resignation, Ivanka and Trump vacationing and more. Rich spoke to Representative Martina White at 4:20pm and author Abby Schachter at 4:30pm.