Study Ranks Best, Worst States To Start A BusinessA recent study suggests that if you want to start a business, you may have to leave Pennsylvania.
Survey: 40 Percent Of People In US Have ‘Side Hustle’A recent survey by found that nearly four in ten Americans have a side gig.
Study: Air Pollution Linked To 3.2 Million New Diabetes Cases In One YearA new study suggests there's a link between air pollution and diabetes.
Researchers Say Drinking 4 Cups Of Strong Coffee A Day Is Heart HealthyHow many cups of coffee do you drink each day? If it's more than one, you may become a healthier you.
Study: Brains Of Children Hooked On Video Games Share Similarities To Drug, Alcohol AddictsA recently released California State University study suggests that addictive video games may change children's brains in the same way as drugs and alcohol.
Study: Human Activity Causing Animals To Become More NocturnalA new study says animals are increasingly becoming more active at night to avoid humans.
Study: 55 Percent Of US Consumers Prefer To Drink At HomeDrinking ain't easy if it involves leaving your humble abode, according to a recent study.
Study: People Who Don’t Consume Alcohol Often Take More Sick Days Than DrinkersA new study suggests that people who do not consume alcohol tend to take more sick days than those who drink.
Study: 10 Percent Of People Admit To Checking Phone During SexSureCall's study finds that 10 percent of people check their phone during sexual intercourse.
Feeling Disgust Helps Us Stay Healthy, Study SaysDisgust is our guardian: Though most of us would rather not feel this unpleasant emotion, it helps us avoid disease and infection, new research suggests.
Study: Health Benefits Of Walking And Chewing GumAccording to the study, chewing while walking has an impact on physical and physiological functions.
Men Better Navigators Than Women, Study SaysAccording to the study, men were more inclined to take shortcuts and they reach their final destinations quicker than women.
Study Shows Yogurt May Reduce InflammationThere is good news for yogurt lovers as new research reveals that eating yogurt may help reduce chronic inflammation.
Study: Millennials, Generation Z Are The Loneliest PeopleA new study finds people 18-37 years of age are the loneliest and they claim to be in worse health than older generations.
Millennial Parents Shop Differently Than Other Generations, Study FindsMillennials are largely concerned with good customer service with the practice ranking ahead of convenience, selection and loyalty programs.