Fatal Drug-Related Crashes Outpacing Deadly Accidents Involving Alcohol, Report SaysAccording to a new report in 2016, alcohol was involved in 38 percent of driver deaths, while 44 percent of drivers killed tested positive for drugs, which is a jump from just 28 percent in 2006.
Doctors Reveal New Sun Safety Recommendations For BabiesInfants under six months of age should not be taking in the sun at all.
U.S. Approves First Injection Drug For Chronic Migraines, Costs $6,900 Per YearThe monthly shot Aimovig is the first in a new class of long-acting drugs for preventing migraines.
Study: Organ Donations From Opioid Overdose Victims Up '24-Fold'Overdose deaths in the United States have nearly tripled over the past 15 years.
Study: Kids Who Eat Fish Will Get Better Sleep, Brain BoostA new study says fish can make children smarter.
Beauty Care Experts Say Cosmetics Need Spring CleaningDermatologists say makeup needs spring cleaning just like anything else.
Scientists Working With Stem Cells To Treat ALSNew hope for patients with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease, which slowly incapacitates people physically.
Study Tests Using Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Canine ArthritisThere's a new kind of stem cell therapy that is being tested for dogs who suffer with arthritis.
Managing Social Anxiety During The HolidaysHoliday time means party time for many, but for people who struggle with social anxiety, festive get-togethers can be very difficult.
Another Set Of Conjoined Twins Separated At CHOPFor the first time, we're seeing the newest pair of conjoined twins separated at Children's Hospital.
Bionic Eye Implants Giving Vision Back To BlindAnthony Andreotolla is one of those who have received the implant.
Study: More Than 2 Billion People Worldwide ObeseObesity is skyrocketing in rich and poor nations around the world and it’s affecting both adults and children.
No More Mouth-To-Mouth: New Push For Hands-Only CPRDuring CPR, you should push on the chest at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute.
WARNING: Parasite ‘Crypto' Could Be In Your Swimming Pool, CDC SaysWith the Memorial Day weekend just a day away, and pools opening soon, the CDC is alerting families about a potential danger in some pools.
Horses Helping In Recovery Of Drug Addicts At Bucks County FarmEquine therapy has been used for a variety of situations. It's been shown that horses can help people overcome all sorts of problems.