'We're Outnumbered': Pennsylvanians Fighting Back In Great Spotted Lanternfly WarThe lanternflies' rampage has been slowed but not stopped.
Businesses Need Permit To Drive In Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine ZoneThe quarantine covers all of the counties in southeast Pennsylvania and expands as far north as the Poconos and west to Harrisburg.
Spotted Lanternfly Inspires Montgomery County Photographer To Create Mini Horror FilmMike Allebach is known for his unique take on boudoir photography, but Spotted Lanternflies have invaded his studio.
Philadelphia Police: Please Stop Calling 911 Over Spotted Lanternfly SightingsPhilly should welcome "our new insect overlords," the Philadelphia Police Department tweeted.
Invasive Spotted Lanternflies Have Made Their Way To South JerseyIf you see one, Camden County authorities want to know about it so they can try and contain the insect.
Invasive Spotted Lanternflies Destroying Trees, Crops In Pennsylvania And Leaving Behind Foul-Smelling 'Dew'The invasive pest has no known predators and are capable of destroying trees and crops, potentially costing millions in damage.
Invasive Spotted Lanternflies Morphing, Becoming More DestructiveThe agency says that spotted lanternflies are beginning to turn red and are growing.
Invasive Insect Spotted Lanternfly Makes Its Way To Philadelphia, Delaware CountyThe insect is a significant threat to the state’s agriculture, including the grape, tree-fruit, hardwood and nursery industries, which are worth nearly $18 billion to the state’s economy.
Invasive Lanternfly Species Could Affect Pennsylvania’s Beer, WineThe invasive species poses a threat to industries worth $18 billion across Pennsylvania.
USDA To Spend $17.5 Million In Pennsylvania To Eradicate Invasive InsectThe Spotted Lanternfly was originally found in parts of Berks County but since has expanded to parts of neighboring counties in the last fours years.