NBA Power Rankings Week Two: The Heat RisingBy Spike: Let’s see, the Heat look like they can be as good as we thought. The Lakers are already as good as we thought. The Pistons might be worse than we imagined, and I’m betting Larry Brown won’t last through the year in Charlotte.
BLOG: Sixers' Evan Turner Answers Critics Against The HeatBy Spike: Before he ever played one regular season game, the whispers had started. “Maybe Evan Turner is a bust.”
BLOG: NBA Power Rankings -- Scoping Out A New SeasonBy Spike: There’s more attention on the NBA this season than I can remember there being for quite a number of years.
BLOG: Mike Ditka, Brett Favre, The New Sports Media Climate, And YouTwenty years ago, we could use our four major professional sports and college sports to fill our local papers, our local TV news, ESPN, and a sports radio station or two. Today, there’s much more space to fill. Countless sports websites, full of countless blogs and podcasts. ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3 and ESPN News. Twitter, Facebook, and more sports radio than you can shake your proverbial stick at.
BLOG: Philly Sports Fans Need To Own Their IdentityPassion can make you walk a thousand miles uphill, barefoot, in the snow to protect someone you love. It also can make you spend nights awake crying, or worse, making phone calls and hanging up as soon as she answers.
BLOG: First Look At The Miami HeatIt took no more than 60 seconds. A minute or so into the game that former player and NBA TV analyst Steve Smith called “the most anticipated pre-season game of all time,” I actually started to laugh out loud.
BLOG: What A Difference A Few Months MakesAs they often say in baseball, it’s a long season. What a difference a few months makes.
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