Spike Eskin: Closing The Book On The Evan Turner DebateThe last two decades have given us Donovan McNabb, Andre Iguodala and Ryan Howard. Before that, Randall Cunningham and Mike Schmidt were the subjects of such discussion. Players who at the mere mention of their names, will attract someone ready to tell you either how criminally underrated or overrated they are.
Chip Kelly Sarcasm Report: 'We're Going To Cancel The Game'There were two things that cheered me up after Sunday's Eagles loss. First, the Cowboys blew it, as the Cowboys often do. Second, Chip Kelly's day-after press conference was full of Kelly sarcastic goodness.
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. Lions It seemed like we all changed our opinion of the snowy Eagles game at the very same time.
Chip Kelly Sarcasm Report: 'If There's A S****y Call, He's Settin' 'Em Up' (Video)It's been a while since the last Chip Kelly Sarcasm Report, but it's back with a bang.
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. CardinalsYou know things are going well for the Eagles when I sat back for a moment after the win over the Cardinals and thought to myself, "you know, I think the Eagles are going to run the table." Overconfident? Maybe. But what fun are sports if you can't be ridiculous?
Made Up Trade: Let's FInd A Way To Send Evan Turner To Cleveland!For what seems like no particular reason other than the Cavs continuing to struggle, and the Bulls losing Derrick Rose, the Evan Turner trade engine has been working double time this week.
Made Up Trade: Spencer Hawes Ends Up With The Clippers In A Four-Team TradeIf this trade were to happen, would you be in favor of the Sixers pulling the trigger?
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. WashingtonAll alone in first place at the bye week, riding a three-game winning streak. This is the sort of stuff that dreams are made of. Admittedly, those are the dreams of a modest man, but dreams none the less.
Made Up Trade: Turner, Hawes Trade Could Make Hawes An NBA ChampionNormally, the made-up trade comes on a Wednesday or a Thursday. But with Evan Turner playing well, and trade rumors starting to fly, this one was created because of emergency circumstances.
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. PackersThe Eagles caught a break when Aaron Rodgers was injured against the Bears. They then caught another break when Seneca Wallace was injured early in Sunday's game. They caught some breaks when a couple of underthrown Nick Foles passes turned into touchdowns rather than interceptions.
Made Up Trade: Hinkie, Morey, Construct Four-Team Megadeal With Knicks, CelticsThis week's made up trade involves Thaddeus Young, and three other teams.
Guide To Dealing With Sixers Early-Season Success I know, I know, I know... the Sixers can't even tank right! I've heard the joke several times, and I get it. The Sixers were supposed to lose as much as possible this year in an attempt to get a great draft pick and (maybe) Andrew Wiggins. And here they are, 3-0, screwing it all up.
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. RaidersThe most exciting thing about covering the Philadelphia Eagles this year is that it seems like we have a new team to cover every week.
Made Up Trade: Sixers Fourth Team In Carmelo Anthony BlockbusterThis week's is a big one. And it of course would be paired with the Sixers making moves to assure themselves of the 2014 NBA Championship.
Forrest Griffin Looks Back On His Part In 20 Years Of UFCFormer UFC champion Forrest Griffin looks back on his part of 20 years of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.