Spike Eskin: The Genius Behind The Quarterback ControversyLast week, it was a quarterback conversation. This week, after Nick Foles' performance in Tampa, it's a full-fledged quarterback controversy. This thing is still gaining speed. If Foles has another big-time game against the Cowboys, look out.
Finding Comfort In The Failure Of Other CitiesNot only has the last year or two in Philadelphia sports been pretty terrible, it seems like there's always a new reminder of just how terrible it's been.
Made Up Trade: Granger, Hawes, Caldwell-Pope Moved In Four-Team DealIn today's hypothetical trade, the Sixers acquire Kentavious Caldwell-Pope from the Pistons.
Spike Eskin: My Impossible Dream Of The Eagles And Josh FreemanI want the Eagles to take a chance on Josh Freeman. I can't imagine this is going to happen, but I would be elated if it did.
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. ChiefsAndy Reid returned to Lincoln Financial Field last night, and brought the 2012 Eagles with him.
Made Up Trade: Sixers Find A Way To Get Rid Of Kwame BrownWith Chip Kelly's offense being the talk of the town this week, I applaud the creativity exhibited in today's made-up trade.
Philly Top Five Power Rankings: Football, Football, FootballThe long summer of discontent is over, and football is here. I feel like we celebrate the return of football like 75 times a year, but this is really it. It's not mini-camp or the start of training camp or the preseason or the draft, it's actually football.
Philly Top Five Power Rankings: Charlie And The Blue ChestGetting fired was the best thing to ever happen to Charlie Manuel in Philadelphia. Imagine he plays out the season, and the Phillies continue to play as poorly as they had. Charlie leaves, everyone is miserable, the season sort of fades away into nothingness.
Philly Top Five Power Rankings: Donovan Is Nuts, And Vick Is The StarterThis is the part of the Eagles preseason that is usually pretty tough to get through. It's like coming down off of a caffeine high. When training camp starts, everyone is so fired up. Then there's the first preseason game, and everyone's fired up. And then we have to wait an entire month through terrible football and lesser storylines until we get an actual game.
Made Up Trade: Four-Team Deal Nets The Sixers Steve Nash, Harrison BarnesCheck out a potential four-team trade for the Sixers that involves the Lakers, Warriors and Rockets.
Love 'Em, Hate 'Em List: Chase And JoshThe top three most loved and hated sports figures this week in Philadelphia.
Spike Eskin: Harris' Devils Purchase Just Another Thing We'll ForgiveAnother week, another controversy. With that, another controversy that doesn't really matter.Sixers owner Josh Harris wants to buy the Devils. Cue the outrage.
Philly Top Five Power Rankings: The Philly DevilsA new era in Eagles football starts tonight, and that is a super big deal. I mean, it will be a big deal for about a quarter, and then the game will devolve into preseason slop like it always does, but it's still football.
Philly Top Five Power Rankings: No Buy, No Sell, Big ProblemTwo weeks ago in Philadelphia, there was a whole lot of nothing going on in sports. It was clearly the calm before the storm. Though the Phillies still did a whole lot of nothing, at least they made some news doing it this week.
Spike Eskin: Phillies Deadline Silence More Disturbing Than It SeemsThis team is in real, serious trouble. And it's not the sort of trouble they can spend their way out of.