Made Up Trade: Dealing Turner And Hawes TogetherWe're likely entering the final days of the Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner era of Philadelphia 76ers basketball. The trade deadline is February 20th, and it seems unlikely either guy will be on the team past that date.
Spike Eskin: The Former Philadelphia Athlete Championship Pain Scale (Donovan Rating)
Made-Up Trade: Sixers, Bucks, Wizards And Pistons In Four-Team Turner TradeIt's a month until the trade deadline, and Sixers fans are on edge.
Made Up Trade: Sixers Package Turner, Hawes To CharlotteIt's January 20th, and Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes are still on the Sixers. Who would have guessed?
Spike Eskin: Closing The Book On The Evan Turner DebateThe last two decades have given us Donovan McNabb, Andre Iguodala and Ryan Howard. Before that, Randall Cunningham and Mike Schmidt were the subjects of such discussion. Players who at the mere mention of their names, will attract someone ready to tell you either how criminally underrated or overrated they are.
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. WashingtonAll alone in first place at the bye week, riding a three-game winning streak. This is the sort of stuff that dreams are made of. Admittedly, those are the dreams of a modest man, but dreams none the less.
Guide To Dealing With Sixers Early-Season Success I know, I know, I know... the Sixers can't even tank right! I've heard the joke several times, and I get it. The Sixers were supposed to lose as much as possible this year in an attempt to get a great draft pick and (maybe) Andrew Wiggins. And here they are, 3-0, screwing it all up.
Made Up Trade: Sixers Fourth Team In Carmelo Anthony BlockbusterThis week's is a big one. And it of course would be paired with the Sixers making moves to assure themselves of the 2014 NBA Championship.
Sixers Season Preview: Ugly, But A Great PersonalityThe idea of rebuilding in the NBA is certainly more fun in theory than it is in reality. Tanking, as many call it, even at its most pure, is the practice of knowingly putting an inferior product on the court in the short-term, in exchange for the possibility of long-term success.
Spike Eskin: Skin Not Thick Enough For Sports And Social MediaIf you don't laugh, you'll probably cry. If you don't cry, you'll likely lock yourself inside your house and not come out for a while.
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. CowboysLet's have a moment of silence for the Quarterback Controversy Era. It was a fun two weeks.