Bill Clinton Comes To Philly To Raise Campaign Cash For Wife's Presidential BidFormer president Bill Clinton was in Center City this afternoon to raise money for his wife's presidential campaign.
Gov. Christie Headlining Washington Dinner EventThe Thursday evening remarks will serve as the keynote of the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce's annual "Walk to Washington" event that has brought hundreds of legislators, business owners and lobbyists to the nation's capital.
Governor Christie State Of The State Address TranscriptGov. Chris Christie delivered his State of the State Address on Tuesday.
UPenn Researchers Tackle Evolution Of Philadelphia AccentWith apologies to comedian Jeff Foxworthy, you might be a Philadelphian if: you say beggle (bagel), wooder (water), tal (towel), beyoodeeful (beautiful), dennis (dentist) or Fit Shtreet (Fifth Street).
Menendez Doesn't Address FBI Raid During Latest Speech U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez did not answer questions or address a recent FBI raid on the office of a donor while speaking to New Jersey's Chamber of Commerce in Washington.
NCC Challenges You To State Your Case In Six WordsThe National Constitution Center is challenging Americans to share their thoughts on the toughest issues facing the country in six words or less.
Study Suggests Infants 'Read' LipsA new study has supported what many people have thought for years, infants learn how to talk by listening and looking.
City Council Changes Rules, Limiting Public Speeches At MeetingsCouncil President Anna Verna denies that the change was an attempt to get around a state Supreme Court decision.
Technology Gives Young Boy A VoiceFor nine-year-old Andrew Patitucci, music was once the only form of expression. Born with cornelia de lange syndrome, the developmental disorder affected his size and speech.