First Human Spaceflight Aboard SpaceX Rocket Expected To Take Place June 2019It is expected to take place next June.
SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Takes To The SkiesSpaceX's Falcon Heavy took flight Tuesday, and everything appears to be going seamlessly.
SpaceX Sets Launch Date For Falcon HeavyFalcon Heavy is a brand new rocket that's set to launch for the first time ever.
SpaceX Rocket Launch Leaves Some Thinking They Were Seeing AliensA reused SpaceX rocket carried 10 satellites into orbit from California on Friday, leaving behind a trail of mystery and wonder as it soared into space.
SpaceX Is Sending Barley To Space For Budweiser ResearchSpaceX is sending barley seeds on a round trip mission to space in the name of better beer -- and some brand cool for Anheuser.
SpaceX Launches Communications Satellite, Lands BoosterSpaceX has launched and landed its second rocket in three days, this time from the U.S. East Coast.
Elon Musk Unveils 18,000 MPH Rocket To Transport People Anywhere On Planet In Less Than HourMusk calls it the “Big Falcon Rocket.”
SpaceX To Launch Secretive Satellite For U.S. Intelligence AgencyElon Musk's SpaceX will attempt to deliver a mysterious satellite into orbit for the intelligence community on Sunday.
SpaceX To Fly Two Space Tourists Around The Moon In 2018Two tourists are paying SpaceX for a trip around the moon next year.
SpaceX Launches And Lands Another RocketAfter a delay 24 hours earlier over concerns about the rocket, the launch on Sunday appeared to go flawlessly.
SpaceX Aborts Flight Due To Rocket IssuesThe private space firm plans to try its unmanned mission to the international space station again at 9:38 am ET on Sunday.