Rock Salt, Ice Melters In Short Supply At Local Hardware StoresSo far, the Philadelphia region has seen 14 snow falls this season. As a result, many counties and municipalities are having a tough time keeping rock salt stockpiled. But many local hardware stores are facing the same problem.
Winter Storms Cost Delaware More Than $13 Million -- With More Snow On The WayThe state has bought 77,000 tons of salt so far and doled out over 82,000 hours of overtime pay to employees. That comes out to over $13 million spent in winter storm costs, nearly four times the amount originally budgeted.
Not Shoveling Could Mean More Than A Fine For HomeownersIf you violate the city's snow-removal rule, you could get fined $50 by the city. But that could be the least of your worries.
Snow Removal Costs Pile Up In DelawareThis has been a winter many people are eager to see come to an end.
Severe Winter Weather Costs Delaware Valley Tens Of Millions... So FarFrom driving snow that crippled traffic and caused accidents, to an ice storm that left more than a half million people in our region in the dark, the cost of this winter could be tallied in varied ways including serious inconveniences.
Philadelphia's Snow-fighting Efforts Remain In Full GearThe Philadelphia Streets Department says that it is continuing its snow-fighting efforts into the afternoon.
Important Questions To Ask Before Signing A LeaseIf you're looking for a place to rent, keep this list of questions handy.
Snow Removal Businesses Hurting Due To Mild WinterWe've had one of the mildest winters in years, which is great news for area departments of transportation but hard on the snow removal business.
Fewer Snowstorms Mean Easier Budgeting For Delaware Valley Cities and TownsA lack of snow so far this winter has been good news for suburban communities, who have seen their budgets busted the last couple of winters to pay for snow removal.
No Snow: Bad News For Kids, Good News For City Budget CrunchersKids hoping for sledding instead of school may be disappointed by the lack of snow so far this winter. But city of Philadelphia budget crunchers are ecstatic.
PennDOT Warns Area Drivers of ''Tow-Plows'' Coming This WinterThe Pennsylvania Department of Transportation says it will deploy the double-lane plows on highways in Montgomery County this year, and the turnpike will use them along the entire east-west line.