Some Students Miss Out On President’s Day Holiday To Make Up For Snow DaysPresident's Day usually means school is out, but today students are up early and in class, whether they like it or not.
School District Of Philadelphia Shortens Spring Break Because Of Snow DaysThe School District of Philadelphia has announced it will now be open three days, April 15, 16, 17, originally designated for spring break.
Will Pa. Schools Get Reprieve From Snow Make-Up Days? Time Will Tell.Pennsylvania law requires elementary and secondary schools to hold 180 days of classes. Many districts are struggling to fit them in after being closed for so many snow days.
Study: Snow Days Don't Negatively Impact LearningNew research out of Harvard reveals<em> not</em> calling schools off for a snow day might be more detrimental to students than canceling school for the weather.
Plan Ahead For Snow Days With Schoolkids, Psychologist AdvisesPhiladelphia-based psychologist Dr. Melissa Brand encourages parents to plan ahead, stock up on supplies, and structure the day.
Philadelphia Adds 2 Days Onto School Year; Too Many Snow DaysThe district had only two snow days built into its calendar for the 2010-2011 school year. Schools were closed for four days this academic year.
Philadelphia School District Cancels Wednesday In-ServiceThe Philadelphia School District is canceling a scheduled day off this Wednesday in an effort to make up for loss time due to the recent snowstorms.
BLOG: No More Snow Days?!By Nicole Brewer: Well, kiddies .... be careful what you wish for. Your sacred snow day now comes with a catch.