Fothergilla Is Fabulous Flowering ShrubLook for the many Fothergilla shrubs on display at the Flower Show this week, then look for a spot, in the sun or part-shade, to plant one in your garden this spring.
Learn How To Garden In The ShadeDavid Benner hasn’t mowed his lawn in over 40 years. He doesn’t fertilize, yet his yard is lush and green under shady trees. How’d he do that?
Daphne Is DifficultDaphnes are pretty little shrubs that smell spectacular when they flower in the spring, which is why so many gardeners can’t resist them - but they die easily.
How To Kill A PlantNo matter how much you love plants, most of us end up with something in our garden now and then that we want to get rid of. Don't use chemicals. Try this.
Area Gardens Celebrate SpringPlant sales and floral celebrations are a sure sign of spring.
Colder Winter Means A Longer Wait For SpringIn cold winters like this, plants - even early bloomers - just wait a little longer.
Most Damaged Trees Will RecoverDespite the damage some sustained this winter, once it gets warmer, trees and shrubs really are able to recover a lot.
Get Away From Winter At Flower ShowGo to the Flower Show for a one-day getaway and come home with ways to get your garden in shape this spring.
Winterberry Is A Gift Year RoundThose beautiful red, round winterberries on bare branches are gifts from Nature - for the birds, the squirrels, and for you!
Plan Your PlantingsThinking ahead is a skill worth developing before you plant anything more than an annual - trees, shrubs or perennials - that you want to enjoy for years to come.
How To Move Plants And ShrubsBy moving plants correctly early in the fall, you have a good chance they'll be happily leafing out and blooming in their new spots next spring.