All Seniors At A Camden, NJ High School Attending College Next Year And Some Are Getting Paid For ItA charter school in Camden is celebrating its most accomplished graduating class yet.
Study: Little Can Mean A Lot For Elderly When Preventing FallsA local study shows that just a few weeks of work can go a long way to improve balance.
Low Muscle Density Increases Risk Of Hospitalization For SeniorsDo you want to stay out of the hospital? Maybe you should exercise more often.
Vulnerable Population At Risk For Community Acquired PneumoniaCommunity acquired pneumonia attacks those who are vulnerable; either the very young or the elderly. Preventive care is key.
Household Chores Have Health BenefitAccording to a new study, even light physical activity around the home reduces the risk for disability in older adults.
Meet The Granny Handymen: Veterans Helping SeniorsEarlier this year, veterans Valen Cianni and Richard Lorah decided they wanted to give back to the community, so they started Granny Handymen, Inc. in May, to help seniors 60 and older living in Chester County.
Early Onset Alzheimer's Relatively UncommonWhile it’s true most people with Alzheimer’s are age 65 or older, some people get this disease at a younger age.
Let The Grandparents Watch The KidsA Johns Hopkins study done four years ago found that grandparents watching children actually reduces the incidence of injury by 50% or more.
Join Elderly Relative For Doctor's VisitIf you have an elderly relative, one of the best things you can do for them is to go with them to a doctor’s appointment. There are several reasons.
Taking Guardianship When Seniors Can't Manage Their Own Finances
Seniors Who Exercise Reduce Risk Of HospitalizationRegular exercise is the gift that keeps on giving. And now, medical journals are reporting that exercise could reduce the risk of hospitalizations, especially among seniors.