Zeoli Show Log 03.06.17Jeff Bolton in for Rich. On today's show, Jeff discussed Trump's allegations that the Obama administration wiretapped him and his campaign, Nancy Pelosi claiming Trump is an authoritarian, and Chuck Grassley stating that he intends to investigate claims that the FBI was paying a British spy for Trump intel. At 4:30pm Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.
The Rich Zeoli Show 03/03/2017Rich kicked off the show talking about a judge who is under investigation for allegedly allowing an undocumented immigrant to sneak out of court. Rich also talked about how Trump trolled Chuck Schumer with a picture of Schumer with Putin. Rich also talked about issue Pence is having using a private email server. Rich then had Barbera Backs the Badge. He spoke with officers who saved a young child's life. Rich then looked at Nancy Pelosi and her claim that she never met Russian diplomat. Rich also touched on the story that Arnold Schwarzenegger is leaving the Apprentice. Next Rich interviewed Rev Bob Levy about an upcoming benefit. Rich kicked off the 5PM hour talking about Judge Gorsuch. Patrick Stewart goes on the View says he is becoming an American to fight Trump
Zeoli Show Log 01.30.16On today's show, Rich discussed Trump's executive order restricting immigration, Chuck Schumer's tearful condemnation of Trump's executive order, and a feud between Rihanna and Azealia Banks. At 3:30 Raheel Raza President Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, explained why Trump's EO is not a Muslim Ban despite what some people/media outlets are reporting. At 4:15pm Ann McElhinney, author and journalist, called in to discuss her book "Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer." At 5pm Mike Opelka, from The Blaze, checked in to talk about this weekend's protests and who Trump is likely to nominate for the vacant Supreme Court seat.