With Work-Related Stress Increasing, Health Officials Classify Burnout Occupational SyndromeExperts say there are three ways to know if stress has turned into burnout.
Former NFL Player Merril Hoge Puts Weed Killer Roundup Under Scrutiny Again With New LawsuitLawsuits continue to mount claiming that the popular weed killer Roundup causes cancer.
Philadelphia Weather: Will Summer Of The Severe Storm Become New Norm In Region?The National Weather Service has already issued 279 severe thunderstorm warnings and 29 tornado warnings in the region this year.
Experts Question How Reliable Apps Are That Check On Potentially Dangerous Chemicals From Everyday ProductsReports have said some of the ingredients contain potentially dangerous chemicals you put on your body.
'I Believe It's Over 30 Right Now': Tornado Warnings Way Up This Year In Delaware ValleyTornado warnings, which are issued by the National Weather Service, are way up this year in the Delaware Valley.
'Puppy Dog Eyes' Evolutionary Trick Dogs Use To Get What They Want, Study FindsIt's been difficult for scientists to explain how dogs are able to emotionally communicate, and sometimes manipulate, their owners.
'Real Game Changer For A Lot Of Patients': New High-Tech Option For People Who Suffer From Severe AllergiesMost depend on medications, but they don't always work, and now scientists have come up with a high-tech option.
Information On Probiotic Labels Lack Basic Data Consumers Need, Study FindsResearchers say the best way to know you're getting the kind of probiotic you want is to look for a label that lists the family, species and strain of the live bacteria.
After-School Medical Program Molding Doctors, Nurses Of The FutureFifth graders from Logan Elementary stopped by Einstein's Simulation Center to get hands-on experience working with life-like 3D robotic mannequins.
Nearly Half Of Young Women Behind On Cervical Cancer Screening, Research FindsWomen in their 20s are most likely to miss an important health test, according to new research.
Doctors Believe Virtual Reality Could Be New Pathway To Identifying Alzheimer's DiseaseDoctors in England have found a new tool to help diagnose mental health conditions.