Justice Department Fires Back At Apple For Refusing To Unlock Phone Used By GunmanFederal prosecutors say the company has chosen to repudiate a judge's order instead of following it.
Google Backs Apple In Encryption Case Against FBIWhether you have an iPhone or not, Apple and the FBI are squaring off in something they say effects everyone; national security.
Zeoli Show Log 02.17.16Rich discussed the fight between Apple and the government, Hillary's barking and Donald Trump threatening to sue Ted Cruz. He also discussed Attorney General Kathleen Kane not running again, a Disney Cruise ship picking up Cuban refugees and President Obama's press conference about SCOTUS nominee.
After San Bernardino Massacre, Changes Coming To Terror Alert System"I believe that we need to do a better job of informing the public at large of what we're seeing, removing some of the mystery about the global terrorist threat, what we're doing about it, and what we're asking the public to do."
Zeoli Show Log 12.04.15Rich discussed the latest regarding the San Bernardino attack, Christmas preparations, and whether retired police officers should carry guns. Rich spoke with Congressman Pat Meehan regarding the Serial Swatter and Dr. Mazz for Ask The Doctor at 4pm.
Gov. Wolf: Pa. Native Victim Of San Bernardino Mass ShootingGovernor Wolf identified the victim as Harry Bowman.
Zeoli Show Log 12.03.15Rich discussed the latest regarding the shooting in San Bernardino, California, if it should be considered an act of terrorism and Adele's song, Hello. He also discussed Lindsey Graham's take on Ted Cruz helping ISIS, Obama's no fly comment and the Batman v. Superman trailer. Rich spoke with Bernard Kerik regarding 9/11 and the shooting in California.
Politicians Sound Off After Mass Shooting Reignites Gun Control DebateThose with the power to make changes are sounding off and going after each other, and some not pulling any punches.