'People Dying All Over The City': Mayor Jim Kenney Warns More People Will Die After South Philadelphia Safe Injection Site HaltedJim Kenney warns that more people will die without a supervised safe injection site.
'We're Going To Keep Pressing On': South Philadelphia Safe Injection Site Opponents Not Letting Up Despite Safehouse Canceling LeaseThe controversy continues over the now-halted plans for a supervised safe injection site in South Philadelphia.
Constitution Health Plaza Cancels Plans To Open Safe Injection Site At South Philadelphia LocationConstitution Health Plaza officials announced the decision Thursday night.
'This Was Done Very Secretly': Lawmakers Looking Into Legal Options To Halt Opening Of South Philly Safe Injection SiteLocal lawmakers are now looking into legal options in hopes to halt the site before it opens its doors.
Mayor Kenney: Man Suffers Fatal Drug Overdose Inside Home 'Steps Away' From Proposed South Philly Safe Injection SiteKenney is a proponent of safe injection sites.
US Attorney William McSwain Files Appeal To Stop Opening Of Safe Injection Site In South PhiladelphiaU.S. Attorney William McSwain released a statement Thursday saying "the current dispute over injection sites should be settled in the courts, not in the streets."
Safe Injection Site Opening Inside Same South Philadelphia Plaza That Houses Day Care, Senior CenterBusinesses and residents in South Philadelphia say they are angry they were left out of the conversation about where the Safehouse injection site will go.
'You Blindsided Us': Residents Outraged Over Safe Injection Site Being Put In South PhiladelphiaThe planned site is not where it was originally proposed and some of the neighbors from the new location are not happy.
Federal Judge Clears Way For Nation's First Supervised Injection Site To Open In PhiladelphiaThat facility would give people a place to use illegal drugs under medical supervision.
'People Afraid To Come Out Of Their Homes': Kensington Residents Weigh-in On Public Safety Plan For Safe Injection SiteCity officials say establishing an overdose prevention center is critical to their plan to stem the tide of overdose deaths plaguing the city and released a new safety plan to address it.
'Where Else Are You Going To Have It': Kensington Community Engages In Heated Debate Over Possible Safe-Injection SiteA heated debate over a possible safe-injection site in Kensington has community members and leaders up in arms.