With Misgivings, State Overseers OK Philadelphia's Five-Year BudgetThe head of the PICA board told the mayor's finance director that he'd like to see the city do more belt-tightening in order to start a rainy day fund.
Phila. Officials Scrambling as School District Real Estate Sell-off FaltersAt a Council hearing this morning, school district COO Fran Burns said seven of the 27 buildings have buyers, and the rest are not likely to bring in as much as had been hoped.
Pay Raises Grease the Machinery at Phila. Property Tax Review BoardBRT executive director Carla Pagan confirmed that the measure approved last month by Council to give board members a pay raise had its intended effect: the BRT has now greatly increased the number of appeals it is hearing.
Philadelphia Moves Toward Overhaul of City's Main Business TaxA City Council committee has okayed a major change in the city's Business Income and Receipts Tax, but any final vote may not come for many months.
Debate Over Giving Commercial Property Owners A Break If Appealing New AssessmentsCity council and the mayor are split over extending a grace period for those whose appeals are still pending when the bills come due.
Phila. Lawmakers Snub Nutter-Corbett Plan For Funding City's SchoolsOver the objections of the Nutter administration, a City Council committee has approved its own plan to funnel an extra $50 million to the city's cash-starved school district.
Philadelphia Finance Director Says 1¢ Sales Tax Hike Needs To RemainRob Dubow says the Philadelphia school district's budget woes could get worse if City Council doesn't approve a bill to make permanent the once-temporary hike in the sales tax.
Oversight Agency Postpones Approval Vote on Phila. Five-Year BudgetPICA Board chairman Sam Katz says he wants more information from the Nutter administration about money the city would have to set aside for unresolved municipal labor contracts.