Snapchat Buys Into Peer Payment Space With SnapcashSnapchat's peer to peer money sharing feature, Snapcash, gives users a glimpse at the future of mobile payments. It was launched just in time for the holidays.
Twitter Sues For Right To Make US Government's User Inquiries Public Twitter, the social media firm, is suing the FBI and the US Department of Justice in an effort to get so-called "transparency reports" declassified.
Local Expert: Facebook Experiment Unethical, Not IllegalFacebook manipulated the News Feeds of more than 600 thousand people to see if showing them mostly positive or negative posts affected their emotions.
Drexel U. Cybersecurity Expert Says Chinese Hackers Used Some Simple TricksIn the first case of its kind, a US grand jury is charging five Chinese computer hackers with economic espionage and theft of trade secrets.
Report Says Target Could Have Stopped Hacker Attack, But Didn'tTarget says it's not fair to speculate before their investigation is complete.
Local Expert Says Newer Credit Cards Can Fight Some Types of Fraud, But…"It's not like the olden days when, if your credit card was used for some fraud, it was because you lost it," says Prof. Rob D'Ovidio of Drexel University.
Hackers Publicizing Syria's Cause Attack NY Times, Twitter Web Sites
Government's Access To Cell Phone Records Leaves Privacy Advocates FumingThe Obama administration and some senators are defending the newly-uncovered but long-active government program to grab our cell phone records - it's crucial for national security, they say. But privacy advocates are fuming.
Te'o Case Highlights Dangers of Internet, Local Cybersecurity Expert WarnsIt may have been a type of Internet hoax called "catfishing." That's a scam in which an online persona is created to reel in someone else.
Security Experts Warn of Upsurge In 'Social Engineering' Scams"They'll get phone calls purporting to come from their IT department," explains a Drexel University expert.
New Facebook 'Timeline' Feature Raises Privacy ConcernsFor now it's optional, but eventually all member profiles will change to a "timeline" format, similar to a digital scrapbook.