Conservative Think Tank Opposes Internet Sales TaxJim DeMint of the conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, spoke out against the idea of an all-encompassing internet sales tax.
Zeoli: Smash the Surveillance StateNow that President Trump has identified the problem, it’s time for him to smash the surveillance state.
Philadelphia Police Officers Talk With Rich Zeoli About Saving A ChildPhiladelphia police officers share their story of saving a child with Rich Zeoli.
Maria Bartiromo Credits Trump For Dow Passing 21000Cable business host Maria Bartiromo says give Donald Trump credit for the down surpassing 21,000.
Attorney: Philadelphia is 'Ground Zero' For Civil Asset ForfeitureDarpana Sheth, from the Institute for Justice, called on Philadelphia to end the practice of civil asset forfeiture.
Legal Group Praises Trump Executive Order Rolling Back EPA RulesJonathon Wood, from the Pacific Legal Foundation, cheered Donald Trump's latest executive order rolling back EPA rules and regulations.
Zeoli: Trunk Soda Anyone?It started out innocently enough. I’d bring in a six pack of Diet Pepsi here and there for a colleague. Then I started to get requests.
Philly Teamsters Local: Beverage Tax Causing 50-70 Percent Drop In PayDan Grace, from Teamsters Local 830, says Philadelphia's beverage tax has reduced their pay by 50-70 percent.
James Rosen: Obama Treated Media Worse Than TrumpFox News Washington Correspondent James Rosen says Barack Obama's treatment of the media was far worse than anything Donald Trump has done.
Milo Yiannopoulos Rejects Reports That He Organized Violent Protests Of Own Speech In BerkeleyMilo Yiannopoulos says reports that he organized protests of his own event in Berkeley are 'fake news.'
Motorcycle Officers Discuss Service With Rich ZeoliRich Zeoli speaks with Officers Mark Alston and Cedric Carter.
Utah Senator Mike Lee Promises Gorsuch ConfirmationUtah Senator Mike Lee praises Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick, Neil Gorsuch, and promises his confirmation by the Senate.
Muslim Leader To Democrats: 'We Are Not An Identity Movement'Zuhdi Jasser, of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, said he resents Democrats trying to exploit Muslims for political gain.
President Of Muslim Organization Defends Trump's Executive OrderRaheel Raza, from the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, defended Donald Trump's executive order stopping immigration from seven Middle-Eastern nations.
The Rich Zeoli Show 01/27/17Rich kicked off the show talking about the March for Life and VP Pence addressing it. Rich also talked about the new rule that Female Marines will have to sleep next to Male Marines in the field. Rich also discussed President Trump meeting with British PM , May. Rich looked at the President's Remembrance statement and how the press reacts to it. Rich then looked at the President's Executive Orders. Rich also took a look at Omarosa's appearence on the View.