'Mate Poachers' Usually Less Committed, Less Satisfied In RelationshipsThose who were poached by their significant other are, essentially, “grass is always greener” types, in that they perceive potential romantic alternatives outside their relationship to be of “higher quality” than the person they’re with.
Study: Sad Songs Actually Make Sad People Feel BetterA bad break-up and sad music go together like peanut butter and chocolate, but why?
Study: Plants Know When They're Being EatenPlants have feelings, too. Sort of.
Study: As College Progresses, Students More Likely To Have Sex & Less Likely To Use Condoms When Hooking UpBetween freshman and senior year, sex during a hookup becomes nearly twice as likely, while condom use drops about 40% between freshman and sophomore year.
When It Comes To Marriage, The Bigger The Ring, The Higher The Risk Of Divorce Diamonds might last forever, but spending a lot on one doesn’t mean your marriage will.
Study: Want To Learn Something? Spark Your Curiosity FirstWhether it’s psychology or art history, you learn better when you’re curious about something -- anything -- before hitting the books.
2 Local Professors’ Research Finds Teens Having “Sex Parties” Is Mostly Just An Urban LegendIt's a sign of the times, stories of sexual misbehavior by seemingly a whole generation of young people. The good news is, say two local researchers, that it's largely not true.
Rutgers Study Says Training Might Enable Babies To Learn To Speak Earlier In LifeThe Rutgers study reveals that four-month-old babies can be trained to recognize sounds and improve their ability to develop language at an earlier age.
When It Comes To Sex, The Age Of A Man's Preferred Partner Is Exactly What You Thought It Would Be The stereotypical image of the “sugar daddy,” an older male paired with a beautiful young woman, might actually be more realistic than you think – at least if men had it their way.
Study: Delay The Dreaded Middle School YearsNew research suggests delaying middle school might help girls remain free of body image issues until at least <em>slightly </em>later in life.
Study: Red Wine Prevents CavitiesIt might turn your teeth blue, but it turns out red wine actually prevents cavities.
Just Like Humans, Some Dogs May Be Innately Pessimistic According to new research out of Australia’s University of Sydney, some dogs are actually more of the glass half-empty type.
Taking 5-Minute Walks Every Hour Could Counteract Damage Done By SittingLet’s face it: Sitting all day is terrible for you.
Study: Despite The Head-tilt, Your Dog Doesn't Care What You Have To SayIn fact, your dog has something to tell you: Less talking, more petting.
Attached To Your Phone? You Might Be AddictedCan’t tear yourself away from your smartphone? A new study claims you could be addicted.