Study Shows No Link Between Autism And VaccinesScientists found the MMR vaccine was not associated with an increased risk – even if the child’s siblings have autism.
Study Claims Snoring And Sleep Apnea Linked To Memory LossThose with breathing problems like snoring and sleep apnea were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment about 10 years earlier than people who did not have sleep-related breathing problems.
Study: Acetaminophen Does More Than Just Dull PainResearchers at Ohio State University found that acetaminophen not only dulls pain but reduces positive emotions.
Study: Silver Screen Depictions Of Alcohol Could Impact Teen Drinking HabitsTeens frequently exposed to movies featuring liquor consumption were apparently twice as likely to have alcohol-related problems in real life.
Research Claims Elderly People Of Today Are Cognitively Fitter, Happier Than In The PastForty really is the new 20.
Study: Babies Learn Best When They're Surprised"The infants' behaviors are not merely reflexive responses to the novelty of surprising outcomes but instead reflect deeper attempts to learn about aspects of the world that failed to accord with expectations," said Aimee Stahl, the study’s lead author.
Study: Power Naps Significantly Improve Memory Performance According to a team of researchers from Saarland University in Germany, an hour long nap can greatly improve memory performance.
Study: Trust Grows With AgePerhaps it’s time to rethink the stereotype of the cranky old man.
No Surprises Here: Study Claims The Most Addictive Foods Are Just What You ThoughtThe researchers say this study is a step towards identifying specific foods that can trigger an addictive response.
Study: 'Skunk Marijuana' Associated With Higher Risk Of Developing Psychotic DisorderThe research, out of King’s College in London, reveals that nearly a quarter of new cases of psychotic disorders are linked with the use of “high potency ‘skunk-like’ cannabis.”
Health: New Study On Successful Online Dating Finds Certain Words Are More Likely To Lead To Love, Others Are A Turn-OffJust in time for Valentine's Day, a new study on successful online dating. Certain words are more likely to lead to love, others are a turn-off - the Internet’s ABC’s of love.
Health: New Research On One Thing You Do At Night That Could Derail Your DietThe one thing you do at night that could derail your diet, there’s new research on the sleep connection.
'Binge-watching' TV Shows Could Be A Sign Of Mental IllnessIf you’ve ever wondered whether those Sundays you spent binge-watching Downton Abbey or Homeland are a sign of something more serious, stop and take a breath: They might be.
Penn State Study Reveals Memory Might Be Even More Selective Than Previously ThoughtIf you’re like many people, you might read an entire book or sit through a whole television show only to realize you recall basically nothing about it.
Study: Contraceptives Could Be Linked To Rare Brain TumorResearchers say use of birth control pills or other hormonal contraceptives did seem to up the risk for glioma, and that risk appeared to rise with duration of use; however, the findings should be taken with a grain of salt.