SEPTA Sees Big Drop In Revenue Following Regional Rail IssuesBusch says SEPTA estimates it lost about $7 million in fare revenue.
New Option On The Way For Regional Rail Riders Affected By Train Car ShortageWith much of its regional rail fleet still sidelined, SEPTA is planning express bus service.
SEPTA Tries To Ease Problems On Regional Rail Commute HomeSEPTA is taking a different approach to collecting fares at the Center City stations.
SEPTA To Replace, Not Repair Equalizer Beams On Silverliner V Rail CarsThe update came at a hearing called by state lawmakers getting constituent complaints about delays and overcrowded trains.
SEPTA Hopes To Add More Breathing Room For Regional Rail CommutersThis week may bring some relief to commuters enduring the SEPTA regional rail saga.
SEPTA Still Trying To Figure Out Why Cracks Developed In Regional Rail CarsThe transit agency showed some of those cracks to reporters today.
Some Regional Rail Riders Make Adjustments As SEPTA Works On Rush Hour CommuteSEPTA's tweaks to the rush hour commute on the rails are in effect.
The SEPTA Situation May Be Bad, But It Could Be WorseThe SEPTA rail commute has become a nightmare. The trains are packed, late, and at times not even picking up passengers. But things could be worse.
SEPTA Reports Progress After Leasing Additional Train CarsSEPTA says with the additional leased cars and locomotives, train trips were up to 574 Monday morning, compared to 549 last week. A normal day sees 788 train trips.
SEPTA Looks To Calm Commute On Regional Rail With New Interim SchedulesFew problems early, but as the morning rush peaked, the commute got a bit tougher.
SEPTA Releases New Interim Regional Rail ScheduleThanks to loaned equipment from Amtrak, NJ Transit, and MARC in Maryland, there will be 1700 additional seats on SEPTA's Regional Rail lines come Monday morning.