Republicans Mount Legal Challenges To Pennsylvania's New Congressional MapThe next round of court challenges in the Pennsylvania Congressional redistricting saga is getting underway.
Toomey Criticizes Pa. Supreme Court For Redistricting RulingSenator Toomey says the Pennsylvania Supreme Court was all too willing to "cast aside the rule of law."
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Issues New Congressional MapThe Pennsylvania Supreme Court is imposing a new congressional district map for the state's 2018 elections, meeting its deadline to do so and likely setting up a challenge from Republicans.
Pa. Congressional Map Fight Likely Headed For Federal CourtA top GOP legislative lawyer says the new map of Pennsylvania Congressional maps issued by the state Supreme Court Monday is “very likely” to be challenged in federal court.
PA Redistricting Deadline Looms, Agreement Seems UnlikelyWithout an agreement, the Supreme Court has said it will impose its own map, and legislative GOP leaders say if that happens they will go to federal court.
Gov. Wolf, GOP Lawmakers Each Say 'It's Your Move' On Congressional MapsThe Supreme Court has said it will draw up its own map if the legislature and Governor Wolf don’t agree to one by Thursday.
Supreme Court Declines Request From Pennsylvania GOP To Stop RedistrictingThe Supreme Court declined Monday a request from Pennsylvania Republicans to block a lower court ruling that ordered Pennsylvania to redraw congressional lines.
PA Senate GOP Leader: No Redistricting Data For State Supreme CourtThe state Supreme Court has said it will draw Congressional boundaries, if necessary.
Gov. Wolf Hears Feedback From Pennsylvania Residents On RedistrictingThe clock is ticking. Gov. Wolf says he expects to have a new redistricting map in hand for review by the end of next week.
Coalition Of Latino Voters Calls For Delay In Pennsylvania Primary A coalition of Latino voters in Pennsylvania on Monday was calling on the legislature to move back the state primary to allow a new redistricting map to be drawn.