I-Team: Controversy Over Speed CamerasThe I-Team found there’s a plan that would bring speed cameras to Pennsylvania.
Postal Service Claims Immunity Over Unpaid Red Light Camera TicketsThe US Postal Service is in a spat with American Traffic Solutions, which manages many red light camera programs -- including Philadelphia's. ATS says the USPS is ignoring violations its mail carriers are racking up.
Some Red-Light Violators May Be In The ClearThe law authorizing red-light cameras expired on Saturday at midnight and Governor Tom Corbett didn't sign the bill re-authorizing the cameras until Monday evening at 7:30 meaning drivers couldn't get a ticket between then.
PennDOT To Have Final Say On Location Of Red Light Cameras In SuburbsThe city of Pittsburgh and a dozen communities in Philadelphia’s suburbs will now be eligible to install red light camera as well. But they will not have sole discretion.
Pennsylvania House Approves Red Light Camera Expansion A bill to expand the use of red light cameras to catch traffic violators in Pennsylvania is on its way to the governor's desk to be signed into law.
New Jersey Red Light Camera Enforcement On HoldNew Jersey has put the brakes on most towns involved in a pilot program using red light cameras to catch violators, at least for a short time. The reason is the lights themselves.
Advocates Push For Expansion Of Red Light Camera Bill“There are more than 2,500 communities in Pennsylvania, but only one of them can use this technology?”
Odds Improve For Extension Of Philadelphia Red Light Camera ProgramProspects have improved for an extension of Philadelphia’s red light camera program, currently set to expire June 30th. But lawmakers are now proposing to change the way revenues from the program are handed out.
Lawmakers Head Back To Harrisburg; Budget, Liquor Stores On AgendaA new budget is definitely on the agenda, while House action on legislation to privatize liquor sales is a possibility.
An Uncertain Future For Philadelphia Red Light CamerasDespite optimism from the chairman of the state House Transportation Committee, the prospects for legislation that will extend Philadelphia’s red light camera program remain in doubt.
Legislative Feud Could Shutter Philadelphia’s Red Light Camera ProgramThe future of Philadelphia’s red light camera program is in jeopardy as lawmakers remain divided over whether to expand the program to other cities.