A Record Breaking Real Estate Property Sold In Center CityTom Scannapieco, president of Scannapieco Development Corporation is responsible for the city's single most expensive property.
It Could Get More Expensive To Buy And Sell Homes In PhiladelphiaThe cost of buying or selling a house in Philadelphia would go up under a bill now before a City Council committee.
Website Will Reveal Who Has Died In Your HouseOne website will give you the morbid truth about who has died in your home.
Buying Foreclosed Home May Not Be Worth ItIf the sale price of a foreclosed upon home sounds too good to be true. It may well be.
Philly Makes Forbes List Of The Most Overpriced CitiesThe most overpriced city is Honolulu, according to Forbes.
Real Estate Website Names Philadelphia Neighborhood As 2nd Hottest Of 2015Redfin just named Dickinson Narrows this years second hottest neighborhood for real estate.
Foreclosed Property May Have Hidden Expenses - Or WorseA Florida man who bought a home in a foreclosure auction last month got a gruesome surprise when he finally got to enter the home - a corpse.
Just In Time For Halloween, Philly Ranked The Best City To Be A Vampire (Really!)Pale as death with a taste for blood and an aversion to sunlight? Philadelphia’s the city for you!
Rittenhouse Square Makes List Of Most Expensive U.S. Neighborhoods For RentersWhat’s really scary about the rankings, though, is that an apartment in Philly’s toniest neighborhood is still, on average, a thousand dollars less than one in the neighborhood that ranked above it.
Seller Need Not Disclose A Murder On The PropertyLegally, a homeowner must make certain disclosures to a potential buyer - but murder on the property may, or may not, be one of them.
Chester County Ranked 4th Best County In America If you’re looking for a place to live with low rates of unemployment and poverty and plenty of fresh air, you might want to consider nearby Chester County.