Plan To Annually Reassess Properties In Philadelphia Is ScrappedLast year's overhaul of property values in Philadelphia has led to a backlog of appeals this year, and that, in turn, has prompted the city to scrap plans to make reassessments annual.
Hecklers Disrupt Christie’s Town Hall Meeting In Mt. LaurelNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie held another of his town hall meetings in an area where he should have been among friends, Republican-rich Mount Laurel. But some in the audience were determined to disrupt the session.
Senate Sends Corbett Bills To Smooth Out Nutter's Property Tax OverhaulThe bill headed to the governor’s desk would allow city council to consider age and financial means in granting relief to long-time owners of a home who experience a jump in property taxes.
Pennsylvania House Passes A Tax Shifting Bill Aimed At Lowering Property TaxesThe Pennsylvania House has passed and sent to the Senate a bill that would give local school districts the option of increasing other taxes for the purpose of lowering property taxes.
Stigall Show Log 9.24.13Chris details the latest efforts by Republicans to defund Obamacare, Comedian Louis C.K's case against smart phones, and what could be the end of Roy Halladay's time with the Phillies. He also talks to Comedian Jimmy Shubert.
New Jersey Shore Mayor Priced Out Of Home By Local Property TaxesThe mayor of a New Jersey shore town is selling his waterfront home because he says he can't afford the property taxes.
NJ Property Tax Bills Rising, But More SlowlyNew data released by the state shows New Jersey's property tax rates have been rising more slowly since Chris Christie became governor.
Pew Study: Residential Property Owners Will Pay Bigger Chunk Of Taxes Under AVIThe Pew analysis of the new assessments finds that the percentage of property taxes borne by individual homeowners compared to other owners will go from about 54 percent under the old system to about 60 percent under AVI.
Homestead Exemption Application Deadline ExtendedCity officials have extended the Homestead Exemption application deadline to September 13th.
City Council Asks OPA To Release AVI FormulasCity Council members are inching closer to getting the nitty-gritty on how the Nutter Administration came up with new assessments for every property in the city.
Councilman Goode Proposes Changes For Tax Abatement Program"We're giving away money (through the abatement) that we don't necessarily need to give away," Goode said. "And at the same time, driving up tax bills for everyone else."