New MLK Day Poll Reveals Most Americans Do Not Feel Race Relations Have Improved Since Pres. Obama Took OfficeWhile a new Al Jazeera America/Monmouth University Poll finds almost all Americans agree racial discrimination is a problem in the U.S., they’re divided by race on whether or not social integration is a way to fix the problem.
New Monmouth University Poll Finds 'Deep Racial Divide' On Alleged Racism In The Judicial Process“The poll indicates a strong sense of distrust for the entire justice process among black Americans, not only for the police but for the actions of courts and prosecutors as well,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute in West Long Branch, New Jersey.
Poll: Majority Of NJ Voters Don’t Think Christie Would Make A Good PresidentA new poll shows a majority of New Jersey voters do not think Gov. Chris Christie would make a good president.
Fans Calling For Foles, When HealthySanchez or Foles? Which QB gives the Eagles a better chance to win in the playoffs?
Poll: Percentage Of Americans Who Believe Having A Gun At Home Makes It Safer Has DoubledApparently, between 2000 and 2006 less than half of Americans said having a gun made them feel safer, but since 2006, the percentage in favor of having a firearm in the house has been slowly increasing.
Poll: If Both Are Healthy, Sanchez Or Foles?Who should be the Eagles starting QB if both Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez are healthy?
Vote: Losing Confidence In Nick Foles?Is Nick Foles the franchise quarterback for the Eagles?
Sandy Poll: Neighbors Key To Coping With DisastersA new survey suggests that "social resilience" has a big impact on how prepared communities feel for disasters such as Superstorm Sandy, and is seen as more valuable in a crisis than even government.
Poll Suggests Efforts To Turn AC’s Image Around Not Working As Well As Proponents Might HopeA new poll suggests that New Jersey residents don’t have a lot of faith in efforts to turn Atlantic City’s economic situation around.
Survey: Kids Bring Great Happiness -- And Lots Of StressWhile adults with children under 18 were more likely to say they smiled or laughed on any given day, they were also more likely to say they have a lot of stress at home.
Poll: Foles, Jaws, Five, Or Randall As Kelly's QB?If you're starting a team today under Chip Kelly, who would you want as your quarterback? Nick Foles, Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, or Ron Jaworski?
Poll: Americans' Confidence In The CDC Has Dropped DramaticallyAs for other government organizations, Americans have the most confidence in the FBI, followed by the CIA and then Department of Homeland Security.
Poll: Half Of Women In A Relationship Have A 'Plan B' It’s always good to have a backup plan, but what about when it comes to your marriage?
Eagles Fans Conflicted After Five Games, Blame McCoy For Offensive WoesEagles fans are conflicted of the team's 4-1 start, while fans are blaming LeSean McCoy for the offensive struggles.
Poll: Gov. Christie's Not Alone In Springsteen FandomThat's according to a new Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press Poll that was issued Monday in honor of the Boss's 65th birthday.