'They Suspect Something Nefarious Is Going On': New Jersey's Vote-By-Mail Law Raises Concerns Over ConfusionUnder the law, voters who requested mail-in ballots for all future elections will continue to get them until they opt out.
Trump Falsely Claims Nearly 3,000 Americans In Puerto Rico 'Did Not Die'Nearly 3,000 people died in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. President Donald Trump denied this reality as a hurricane barrels toward the Carolinas.
House Bans Eating Of Cats, DogsThe government shuts down at the end of the month, and Democrats and Republicans seem unable to make a deal to keep it open. They are, however, united in trying to stop people from eating pets.
Trump's Approval Rating Is Sinking, New Poll ShowsA new CNN poll finds President Trump's approval rating is sinking.
Obama Tells Voters To Step Up Or 'Things Can Get Worse'His speech touched on themes of retirement security, climate change, and education.
Obama Scorches Trump In Return To Campaign TrailThe war of words between President Trump and former president Barack Obama heats up.
President Trump Tells Supporters It'll Be 'Your Fault' If He Gets Impeached"But let's say a Democrat gets elected, and let's say we have a Republican House. We will impeach that Democrat, right? And then a Republican. We won by a lot. We won by a hell of a margin," Trump said.
Harris Puts Kavanaugh On Edge With Mueller QuestionSenator Harris questioned whether Kavanaugh had spoken with anyone about the investigation into Russian election meddling.