Ann Coulter Defends Trump's Campaign Manager, Compares Incident To Duke Lacrosse CaseAuthor and Columnist Ann Coulter defended Donald Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and compared his alleged assault against a reporter to the Duke Lacrosse Case.
Carly Fiorina Defends Cruz, Attacks TrumpCarly Fiorina called Donald Trump part of the problem while voicing her support for Ted Cruz.
Roger Stone: I Did Not Plant Story About Cruz's AffairsFormer adviser to Donald Trump, Roger Stone, denies planting a story in the National Enquirer claiming that Ted Cruz has had multiple extra-marital affairs.
Opposition Celebrates Wolf's Acceptance Of Legislature's BudgetGovernor Wolf's opponents are happy he has accepted the legislature's budget and commonwealth's fiscal impasse is over.
Bernard Kerik: Ted Cruz Wrong About Policing Muslim NeighborhoodsFormer NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik rejected Ted Cruz's call for police to do a better job in Muslim neighborhoods.
Rendell Skeptical About Mayor Kenney's Soda TaxEd Rendell is skeptical whether the proposed soda tax can meet expectations.
Erick Erickson: 'Trump Would Be Deeply Destructive Force'Conservative author and talk show host Erick Erickson explained his commitment to defeating Donald Trump.
Foreign Policy Analyst: Attacks Like Brussels Represent A 'New Normal'Foreign policy analyst Ed Turzanski believes terrorist attacks like the one that occurred in Brussels are the 'new normal.'
Ed Rendell: John Kasich Is The Favorite To Win The PA PrimaryEd Rendell says John Kasich should be the favorite to win Pennsylvania's Republican primary.
Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Predicts Bedlam At The ConventionMichael Steele says there will be bedlam at the Republican National Convention is Republicans try to take the nomination away from Donald Trump.
Community Radio Host: Ban Trump Rallies In PhiladelphiaEd Feldman from GTown Radio in Germantown says the Kenney Administration should prevent a Donald Trump rally in Philadelphia.
Political Columnist: Republican Party On Its Death BedAB Stoddard from The Hill says Donald Trump's success has put the Republican party on its death bed.
Chris Stigall: Christie Wrong To Choose Politics Over Trooper's FuneralChris Stigall calls New Jersey Governor Chris Christie awful for choosing a Donald Trump campaign rally in Florida over the funeral of a state trooper.
Foreign Policy Analyst: Russia Got What They Wanted From SyriaForeign policy analyst Ed Turzanski says Russia accomplished what it wanted to in Syria and is now withdrawing troops.
PA GOP Excited About Registration ChangesPennsylvania GOP excited about thousands of changes in voter registrations.