Southern Magnolia Moves North<em>Magnolia grandiflora</em> is native to the southeastern US, from about Virginia on south, but these days there are lots of cultivars that do great in our zones;
Transforming A NeighborhoodUrban Tree Connection, a greening experiment that began a decade ago, turned a violent blighted neighborhood into an inner city farm, providing new opportunities for growth throughout the community.
Gardening Gifts For DadWhat's a good gift for Father's Day? That's hard to say depending on your dad, but here are a few ideas if he likes to garden.
Tulip PoplarAt a property edge or woodland, the Tulip Poplar can provide great shade while attracting bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.
A Gardening Tip You'll DigEven though we've had some rain, much of the ground is still hard and dry. Wetting it slightly before digging to plant trees, divide perennials or move overgrown plants will make your project much easier.
Plant A Tree For Arbor DayArbor Day is Friday a good reminder to plant a tree or three this year - and help meet the goal to plant ONE MILLION trees in our region.
Water Dry Soil Around Newly Planted TreesOur lack of snow this winter, sparse spring showers, early summer temperatures and windy days have really dried out our soil. So, any trees or shrubs planted less than a year ago may need watering.
Crabapples For Three SeasonsTrees that flower in spring are hard to resist, and luckily, lots of nice little native trees are among them, including crabapples.
Squirrels Plant OaksSquirrels are happy to race around stuffing acorns in the ground - which is great because we really need more oak trees.
It's Easier For Small Shrubs To Survive SummerSmall shrubs survive summer more easily because they don't have the thirsty roots of larger shrubs or trees.
A Blooming Good Tour At Haverford ArboretumThis Saturday you can enjoy the Haverford Arboretum in early summer bloom while learning what to look for when you go plant shopping