Plant Your Garden With Pets In MindHere are some gardening safety tips to keep your companion animals safe and sound.
Everyone Flocks To PhloxYou can’t plant too much phlox, one of the prettiest perennials.
Decorate The Table With DogwoodsWhile it’s wonderful to admire flowering trees, those lilacs, dogwoods and so many others, are even lovelier to see and smell on your dining room table.
Time To Tidy Up The GardenLots of us let the remains of last year’s perennials stand through the winter. Now's the time to tidy up.
Don't Be Alarmed By Spring Leaf DropWe tend to think of fall as the time for dropping leaves but some trees wait until spring.
Cool Weather Extends Spring ShowOur cooler-than-usual start to spring helped ensure that early tree blossoms lasted longer than just a day or two.
You Aren't Allergic To The Pretty TreesDon’t avoid planting the prettier trees because you have allergies! They're not the culprits.
Mother's Day Weekend Plant SalesPlant sales this weekend conveniently coincide with Mother’s Day, the middle of May which is usually the ‘last frost’ date for most of our area.
Tulip Bulbs Are A Bright IdeaAs further proof that plants do most of the work themselves, my tulips are coming up again.
Discourage Deer From Dining In Your GardenNow is the time to get out and protect your precious plants pronto with a deer deterrent.
A Spring Fling At Meadowbrook FarmThis Saturday, May 2nd, you can explore Meadowbrook Farm and learn a thing or two to better your own garden.
Don't Plant YetDon’t jump the gun and plant too soon. Remember, the ‘final frost’ date around here is mid-May.
A Wild Display Of Wildflowers At Bowman's Hill Wildflower PreserveIf you haven’t been there before, this is a great time of year to head to the Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve located near New Hope, PA.
Grow Your Gardening Skills At The Barnes ArboretumThe Barnes Arboretum is where I went to gardening school to learn much more about plants than I could on my own. Courses may be a day - or a year.
Donate To A Gardening Non-ProfitIf you can manage it, why not make a donation to your favorite garden non-profit group? There may be a benefit to both you and the non-profit!